Friday, August 31, 2012

A Few of My Favorite (Nursery) Things

I was sitting in Lincoln's room the other day, rocking him while he looked at, or rather, chewed on a book, and I was thinking to myself all of the small details of his room that I loved so much. 

We decided to do the room in a Nautical theme. No idea exactly why other than the fact that I have had an ongoing love affair with stripes and anchors and all things nautical-y for a while now. Three walls of the room are a warm buttery yellow and the accent wall is navy blue. 
This is Lincoln's rocking/reading nook. I love reading him stories sitting here, and he loves looking at his sailboat mobile while he sits in my lap.  See the lighthouse and sailboat on the top shelf!?!

His nautical blocks sit on a shelf above his bed.

 I framed the invitation to one of his baby showers because it matched the theme and was SO cute! It also sits on the shelf.

This whale sticker came off of a Baby Gap gift given to me by a wonderful family friend.  She babysat me from the time I was 3 weeks old and I babysat her kids when I was in Jr. High and High School.  I thought it was so cute that I stuck it in a frame. 

This monogram came from Lincoln's Aunt Kelly.  It's done in navy blue with a neutral matting. Love it so much!

This was the first thing we ever bought for Lincoln. It's a monogram of his initials (LJC) that sits above his shelf.

This anchor hangs on the wall above his changing table.  It's actually pretty huge, like 2.5 or 3 feet tall!

And finally, this needlepoint picture was done by Lincoln's Great Aunt Anne! Thinking about doing his bathroom to match...

I love my little boy so much and glad he has a room that we can be proud of.  Daddy did a lot of work on the paint and built a window seat in the bay window, and mommy collected decor for months. I know once he gets bigger, it will get messy and things will not look this way, so I had to document it now!

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