Thursday, August 30, 2012

HONESTly Awesome

After my post about all of the horrible stuff that is found in some baby products, I did some research to find some companies that offered safe, gentle products for baby and piece of mind for mommy, and as a bonus, all three of these companies I am about to discuss gives back as well!  One of the companies I found was the Yes to Carrots brand.  They provide products for adults and babies which are free of parabens, petroleum, SLS, and phathalates, and the fruits and veggies they use to make the products are also organic.  They are also 95% recyclable, and not tested on animals!!! Finally, their charity 'Yes to Seeds' helps kids connect to nature and lead a healthy lifestyle, and their other program, 'Yes to Hope' aims to supplement 10,000 children's lunches across Africa. They plant gardens at schools, teach the children how to take care of the plants and then the produce is put in their lunches. How kick ass is that??? I cannot say enough good things about this company.  They can be found at almost any grocery store and at Walgreen's. 

The second company is a smaller scale, Tom's of Maine makes dental care products, deodorant, and soap.  Their products contain no animal ingredients, and are not tested on animals.  They share every ingredient in their products on their website, they use sustainable methods in their production, their packaging is mostly recyclable and they devote 5% of their employee's time to volunteering and 10% of their profits to humanitarian and environmental efforts. They can be found at Whole Foods, regular grocery stores and drugstores. 

Finally, I looked into Jessica Alba's company, The Honest Company. This one might be my favorite.  They offer diapers, home and baby care products all shipped directly to you.  When I ordered my trial (you can get a free sample of diapers, wipes and their 'essential sample kit' (pictured below)) I used their customer service and they were so helpful and friendly.  Their diapers are made with non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable and plant based materials.  They also donate diapers to children in poverty with every purchase! Their other products has a list of things they do not contain that is way too long to type but I'll hit the high points.  There is no formaldehyde, no parabens, phosphates, chlorine or dioxane. What a breath of fresh air.  The diapers are a bit expensive but the other products are on par with other similar products.  I cannot wait to try all the products from the trial and will review them as I do. I hope this post inspires all of you to try some of the products from these great companies.  The more we encourage responsible business, hopefully the more other businesses will follow suit.

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  1. I have used all my Honest diapers trial (actually took a picture of the trial as well so I could post about the trial and the subscription). My first subscription should be here any day! Super pumped - aren't they so freakin' adorable?!