Wednesday, September 12, 2012

HONESTly Awesome Follow Up

I received my full size versions of 5 household/baby products the other day and I was so beyond thrilled that I had to write another post to rave about this amazing company.  In addition to all of the amazing things about this company, the packaging is recyclable (cardboard), and the padding is recyclable, reusable and compostable, as well as made from sustainable sources (and is beautifully printed to boot!).  The bottles are made of recycled and recyclable material.  Their products are also made in America, supporting domestic jobs and their factories use electricity powered by renewable energy.

Now, as far as the actual products, I LOVE the multi-surface cleaner, which smells fantastic.  I don't think it will disinfect heavy duty stuff, (like raw meats on the counter, but we don't have that stuff in our house anyway) so if you need something natural and that disinfects, use plain white vinegar. It doesn't smell good but it will kill any bacteria. Then use the surface cleaner afterwards. 

The stain remover, I have not used yet on anything heavy duty, like ketchup, but it did get peaches out of a white onesie.  It also smells fantastic (lavender).

The healing balm has done really well on minor scratches and skin irritation, including a dry, red rash on Lincoln's cheek.  It doesn't soak in quickly though and is a bit oily so watch your clothing if you pick up your baby after applying. It might be best to just apply it right before bedtime.

My favorite products might be the shampoo/body wash (vanilla orange) which smells like a creamsicle and the body lotion.  Lincoln has eczema and these have not irritated his skin. I love the peace of mind I have now, knowing that everything I am putting on my baby is safe. The fact that it smells great and was produced in an environmentally conscious way is icing on the cake.  Thanks, Jessica Alba.  I think your company is going to go far.

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